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☆♥ The body of boys.♥☆

♥☠The blood of boys☠♥

Graphic Sodomy
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the insider's tip

You've click-click-clicked yourself unto the procrastinating tool of choice graphic journal of sodomizingjack. Get the name??? Get it??? Get it??? Yeah?? Yeah??? graphic + sodomizingjack = graphicsodomy... Yes, yes. Clever. Very clever, right? 8DDDD.. 8I >I Shut up! It's perfect! It accurately and concisely describes all the things dancing inside of my head when everyone thinks i might be pondering something deep. >DDDD

Er... ANYWAY! XD;;; Things you can expect are: layout headers, profile headers, FO banners, wallpapers, the occasional texture post, and icons. Mostly icons. If you like anything, grab it! I insist! XD

the rules

→Comments: Please, by all means, don't feel obligated to! Do it only if you have some time to spare and you feel anything i've posted is worthy of a comment. ^_^ Don't get me wrong, though; comments do make me feel all fluffly and sparkly. It's like i'm a muffin stuffed full of glitter or something. 8D
→Credit: Again, by all means, don't feel obligated to! This is a hobby, a way to procrastinate, but most importantly, a way for me to spread my love for a fandom. XDDD So if you love a certain fandom and i love that same fandom than why not: YOU + ME + FANDOM = *RABURABUHUMPHUMPTHREESOMESATISFACTION* XDDD
As far as others taking credit for something i've done, one word: whatever~. It won't really get a rise out of me.. except maybe a laugh; it's a sad thing if you have to take credit for what someone else has done. Anyway, all i'm doing is colouring stuff in, the real credit should go to the fantastic mangakas, artists, etc who even make the fandom possible! XD Also, you should give it a try! Photoshop is so much fun!! XDDD And if you have any questions feel free to ask! :3
→Customization: Go for it! I don't mind~ However, i will say that Chiller is one of the tackiest fonts ever. Oh! And putting your own username on an icon. BAAAAARRRRRRFFFFFFF! Buuuut~~ That's just my own dumbass opinion. XD;;;
→Hotlinking: Oh, the great mass murderer of bandwith! Please, do not contribute to this killer's rampage! I beg you~~
→Questions: I welcome them! If you're curious about a technique i use, where i got a pattern/texture, what font i'm using, or why i rock so hard, don't hold back! Ask away~ XD
→Pleasure: The most important rule of all: ENJOY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥ I expect ya'll to be raunchy little hedonists. >3

fuck friends

The ones who are made of so much more win and awesome than we will EVER know!!! *3* And they're not too bad in bed either. >D







In case you haven't noticed it by now, let me make it abundantly clear: THERE BE GAY AND GRAPHIC VIOLENCE ON THESE SHORES. Oh yes, my pretties, bare witness to the bloodshed, violence, and MALE ON MALE HUMPING. If any of these things, especially the HOT WET BUTTSECKS!, send you into fucktard-jackass-dickhead-troll mode, please to be clicking your BACK button now and don't forget to stick your ass way out so the door'll hit you especially hard. Thank you~

the look

The journal layout is the bastard child of fruitstyle and minty-peach with a few cosmetic alterations done by yours truly. Journal header features Kubota and Tokito from Wild Adapter as well as Kei Kurono from GANTZ; and the profile header is of Eiji from CUT.

without you i'm nothing

These folks make it all possible and deserve a round of Jack & Cokes!♥♥♥